School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

Welcome to the webpage of the Division for Traffic Safety and Reliability

Photo: Flea market in Vohwinkel, Sebastian Jarych


Reliability engineering

Reliability engineering in industry 4.0

Computational reliability analysis

Safety fundamentals of automated driving

Traffic safety

Basics of traffic flow theory

Introduction to statistics with R


The department regularly offers topics for thesis work for your Bachelor's or Master's degree. See here for more information (in German only).


Research topics

Traffic flow modelling and driving automation

Pedestrian and evacuation dynamics

Measurement and estimation methods

Summary and further information

Current research projects

Traffic network optimisation under economic and ecological criteria

Multi-agent modelling of dense crowd dynamics: Predict vs Understand

You can find here simulation platforms with NetLogo of different models for pedestrians, traffic flow, and other systems of self-driven agents.


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